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Meet Pear Deck Learning - Blog | Pear Deck Learning

Learning happens over a lifetime through educational experiences and everyday interactions. It is a continuous process sparked by a student’s inherent natural curiosity – inspiration to explore, discover, and understand.

This curiosity prompts us to ask “what if”? It drives our imagination of what could be and empowers us to create change.

At the heart of every classroom lies a unique ecosystem, a vibrant hub led by the expertise of an educator where learning flourishes through steadfast suppo

Edtech Triumph: The Journey to a Focused Digital Classroom with GoGuardian Teacher

Now that technology is ever-present in the classroom, it can be difficult to ensure all students stay engaged. The lure of digital distractions, coupled with difficulties in managing multiple tabs, can hinder students from effectively acquiring vital skills for using technology efficiently and safely — skills that are crucial well beyond their academic years.

Sandra Naranjo, a sixth-grade English language arts teacher at Helen Keller Elementary in Lynwood, California, has successfully navigated

Engage, Assess, Excel: A Teacher's Success Story with Pear Deck Learning - Customer stories | Pear Deck Learning

In the bustling world of education, finding tech that seamlessly blends into a teacher's instructional flow is like finding the elusive final piece of a 1,000-piece puzzle.

Meet Tyler Brown, an innovative 6th-grade ELA teacher in Philadelphia, New York, who has mastered that puzzle by weaving Pear Deck, Pear Assessment (formerly Edulastic), and Pear Practice (previously Giant Steps) into a harmonious symphony of engagement and understanding.

Here, he shares how these three Pear Deck Learning p

Empowering Voices: How Pear Practice Revolutionized Learning in an Ohio Classroom - Customer stories | Pear Deck Learning

Laura Pearson, a dedicated teacher with a passion for using technology to enhance her instruction practices, shared her journey of integrating Pear Practice (formerly Giant Steps) into her classroom and the profound impact it has had on making learning inclusive, engaging, and fun.

Getting her game on

Laura's involvement with Pear Practice began through her district's tech influencers initiative. Frustrated by the underutilization of paid tools in her district, she signed up to become a Pear D

Tutor Match Pal: Elevating Tutoring with AI - Blog | Pear Deck Learning

The challenge of articulating tutoring needs

Understanding the precise tutoring requirements of students is fundamental to delivering personalized and effective learning experiences. Unfortunately, students frequently encounter difficulties in explaining their educational needs, which can result in less than optimal tutor-student pairings.

Recognizing this gap, we've developed the Tutor Match Pal, an AI-powered chat feature designed to facilitate more detailed tutoring requests. Leveraging our

What Teachers Are Saying About AI-Powered EdTech - Blog | Pear Deck Learning

AI stands at the forefront of modern educational discussions, symbolizing the next leap in pedagogical innovation. It's not merely about integrating technology into the classroom; it's about strategically leveraging cutting-edge AI tools to profoundly and positively influence student learning outcomes. But what are teachers saying about ai-powered tech in the classroom?

Pear Assessment's (formerly, Edulastic) Video Quiz and Question Generator are powered by AI technology to continuously improve

10 strategies for incorporating on-demand tutoring in the classroom

There’s a certain kind of excitement that fills the air at the start of a new year. From learning new rosters to launching a new semester of classes, the new year is an exciting time for educators and students alike.

As educators strive to create structures and routines that are evidence-based in increasing student achievement, they need resources that will support instruction and learning in and outside of the classroom. On-demand tutoring is a key component for supporting differentiated learn

The MTSS Core Instruction Guide

As an educator, I always wanted to be at the top of my game. This meant learning about specific teaching processes, strategies, and tools that would have the most impact on student learning. I gained this knowledge from research, and by studying the most effective teachers in my building to understand what secret practices they were using to aid their students. It turned out not to be so secretive. My research revealed that the largest impact on student learning happened at the foundational leve

Designing Effective Edtech for K-5 Learners

In a world full of digital distractions, edtech providers are tasked with designing their tools to adapt to changing environments and support the best research towards how students learn.

For our younger students, this challenge is even more pressing. The pivotal years of K-5 are a unique window in a child's cognitive and attentional development. At this stage, the digital tools they engage with can significantly shape their educational trajectory. It's not just about integrating technology int

The MTSS Toolkit for Teachers for the ‘22-’23 School Year

School is just around the corner and planning for next year has already started. This year, your school may be introducing a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) to better support all students. If you’re unfamiliar with MTSS, this new framework can at first appear daunting.

Even if you are familiar with MTSS, you might be looking for ways to restructure your MTSS practice to be more aligned with best practices and research. We’ve compiled together a list of our top resources for classroom tea

Building effective tutoring practices through TutorMe’s logic model and RAISE Approach

Through TutorMe, students have access to personalized support from qualified tutors, whenever and wherever they need it. The power of our platform is centered on human connection, where every student receives the 1:1 support of a tutor dedicated to encouraging and engaging a student on their individual learning journey.

We understand the strength of our platform is directly tied to our understanding and application of the learning science behind what makes for an excellent tutoring session.


Successfully implementing TutorMe’s Writing Lab with the Writing Guide

Introducing TutorMe's Writing Guide - our ready-to-use resource for educators looking to implement 1:1 writing support in their classroom through the TutorMe Writing Lab. In this blog, we break down how to successfully submit writing assignments to the Writing Lab and how to support successful adoption by your students with the support of the editable Writing Guide.

Writing is a fundamental skill for every student. However, it also poses one of the most time-intensive challenges for teachers. E


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Goal: 3 of 6 onboarding emails for new teachers, aiming to increase usage of platform during first 60 days 

Travel and Outdoor Writing

Check out my work as a travel writer, specializing in Alaska travel and outdoor recreation.

I Moved to 'Bear Island.' Here's What I Learned.

The first time I saw a Kodiak bear was totally unexpected. It was early November, and a heavy snowfall had recently covered the mountains surrounding the town of Kodiak, Alaska. Daytime highs were hovering just above 0°F, and only a few lingering salmon remained in the half-frozen streams.

“It’s too late for bears,” I told my husband when we first arrived on the remote, Alaskan island. “We will have to wait for summer before we see one.” At the time, I thought all brown bears hibernated solidly

8 Essentials to Pack for a Summer Trip to Alaska

Summertime is absolute magic in the Last Frontier, with endless opportunities for sightseeing, hiking, and wildlife spotting. However, packing for your trip can be a daunting task, as Alaskan summers can often be varied and it can be impossible to know what to expect for weather.

To make your packing easier, we’ve compiled 8 essentials to include on every summer trip. Check these off your shopping list and rest assured that you are ready for everything as you prepare to head north for your adve

Alaska wildlife photography tips

A trip to Alaska is guaranteed to be filled with amazing moments and lifetime memories. Part of the fun of traveling through the Last Frontier is capturing these moments on camera so you can share them with your family and friends back home. While selfies and photos of your group are pretty easy, capturing the amazing wildlife you see is a bit trickier.

I’ve spent years traveling Alaska with my partner, a professional wildlife photographer. We both use varying gear to ensure we’re capturing the

Tips for hiking safely in Alaska

Hiking is a great way to experience all the beauty Alaska has to offer, but hiking in Alaska is a bit different than hiking elsewhere in the United States. With vast amounts of wilderness, dangerous weather conditions, and large animals, Alaska hiking requires a bit more planning and awareness then other states.

Here are some key tips to help you stay safe while you hit the trails!

Alaska is home to three types of bears, brown bears (grizzlies), black bears, and polar bears. While it is unlike

Why You Should Visit Nome: 10 Things I Love About this Town

Nome, Alaska may not be the first place you think of when you imagine an escape to the Alaskan wilderness. Yet, this remote town on the edge of the Bering Sea is where nature’s artistry and a tapelet of human endeavor weave together to create an experience unlike any other.

In October 2023, my husband and I made the journey up to Nome, and what we found did not disappoint.

Known as the finish line of the grueling Iditarod Race and a hub for gold-seekers, Nome is not typically listed on convent

I flew in an airplane to see bears in Alaska. Here's why this is my favorite way to see grizzly bears in the wild

One of my favorite animals to view in the wild are bears. Since I was a kid, I loved touring the national parks across the United States for a chance to see a black bear or grizzly in the wild. A few years ago, I moved to Kodiak Island, known as the “Island of Bears”, where I get the immense pleasure of seeing brown bears in the wild all summer.

However, even a day on Kodiak doesn’t compare to the experience of taking a bear tour to Katmai National Park. In August 2023, I had the honor to take

Tips for bear safety in Alaska

There are few experiences as unforgettable as an excursion into the breathtaking wilderness of Alaska. The state's immense landscapes and abundant wildlife provide a wealth of adventures for every traveler. Among the many thrills of an Alaskan adventure is seeing animals in the wild – and there is no animal more iconic than Alaska’s bears.

Home to a higher density of bears than any other state, Alaska is undoubtedly bear country. It's not just the remote wilderness that bears frequent; they can

Musk ox: Which unusual wildlife you can only see in Alaska

Nestled on the edge of the Bering Sea, Nome, Alaska, may seem an unlikely destination for wildlife enthusiasts. Yet, it is here, against the backdrop of stark tundra and whispering winds, that one of the Arctic's most majestic creatures - the muskox - roams, a testament to survival and conservation success.

I had the immense pleasure to photograph these amazing creatures in the wild during my last trip up to Nome in October 2023. In this guide, I’ll cover why viewing muskox is an unusual and un

Road trip: Highlights of the Anchorage to Valdez Drive

One of the best road trips in Alaska is the route from Anchorage to Valdez. This drive is like diving head-first into a natural wonderland, full of endless views and amazing wildlife. In September 2023, I had the pleasure of taking this drive with my family. I’ve heard amazing things about Valdez, and almost every Alaskan local has told me that the best way to experience Valdez is by driving there.

So, I rented a large SUV in Anchorage, and spent the day enjoying the drive along the Glenn Highw

How to Drive the Denali Highway

Driving the Denali Highway is a favorite road trip amongst Alaskans. Traversing through Alaska's heart from Paxson to Cantwell, this remote road offers the chance to explore Alaska’s backcountry from the comfort of your own car.

Due to its remote nature, the Denali Highway is mostly a gravel and dirt road, stretching across wild tundra. There are few services along the way and you’ll need an approved vehicle to make the trek. In this guide, we will cover the basics of driving the Denali Highway

Best Winter Destinations in Alaska

Winter in Alaska is a season like no other, offering an array of unique experiences that can't be found anywhere else. This season is a celebration of the quieter, more mystical side of the wilderness, where the hustle of summer tourists fades into tranquil, snowy expanses. From the thrill of winter sports and Christmas festivities to the serene beauty of the Northern Lights, Alaska in wintertime is a wonderland of adventure and tranquility. With lower prices, fewer crowds, and a cozy atmosphere

Hiking trails on Kodiak Island, Alaska

For a truly unique Alaskan adventure, consider adding a trip beyond Alaska’s mainland to voyage across the Shelikof Strait to Alaska’s emerald escape – Kodiak Island.

Nestled in the Gulf of Alaska, Kodiak Island, the second-largest island in the United States, unfolds a vast expanse with over 60 miles of well-paved roads. This lends itself perfectly to either a relaxing weekend getaway or an immersive week-long journey. The island is a vibrant mosaic of deep-rooted cultural heritage, a wide arr

10 Best photography spots in Alaska

Alaska is a haven for photographers. With its unmatched landscapes and amazing wildlife, photographers from around the world flock across the Last Frontier to capture coveted shots of grizzlies fishing in the creeks and massive glaciers carving through mountain passes.

Having spent years traveling through the state and talking with photographers about their favorite places to shoot, I am excited to guide you through ten of the state's most breathtaking photography spots!

What to capture: If yo

How much is a trip to Alaska for two?

Embarking on an Alaskan journey is a dream for many adventurers. The majestic landscapes and unique wildlife make Alaska a bucket-list destination. However, its remote beauty comes with a price tag. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the costs associated with a two-week trip for two people and offer practical tips to make your Alaskan dream a reality without breaking the bank.

Alaska is pricey for a reason. Here are some of the leading factors that drive up the cost to visit:

Remote Lo

How to drive to Alaska via the Alaska Highway

The journey to Alaska by road epitomizes the essence of adventure and discovery. Choosing to drive to this northernmost U.S. state, particularly via the Alaska Highway, is not merely about reaching a destination; it's about embarking on a journey through some of the most spectacular landscapes in North America.

This route is a great way to save on costs related to renting a car in Alaska and allows travelers to immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural beauty and unique wildlife of the reg

How to plan a trip on the Alaska Ferry System

One of the best ways to experience Alaska is from the ocean. With thousands of miles of coastlines and hundreds of coastal communities, traveling via that water on your Alaska trip is a guaranteed way to see and experience some of the best of the Last Frontier.

While many opt to take this voyage on one of the many cruise ships that head to Alaska in the summer, one of the most authentic ways to explore this majestic state is via the Alaska Ferry System.

Why Take the Alaska Ferry?

The Alaska F