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Designing Effective Edtech for K-5 Learners

In a world full of digital distractions, edtech providers are tasked with designing their tools to adapt to changing environments and support the best research towards how students learn.

For our younger students, this challenge is even more pressing. The pivotal years of K-5 are a unique window in a child's cognitive and attentional development. At this stage, the digital tools they engage with can significantly shape their educational trajectory. It's not just about integrating technology int

INFOGRAPHIC: Addressing Misconceptions of MTSS and Special Education (SPED)

In our previous blog, we asked the question, “Is Special Education and MTSS the same thing?”

To summarize that blog—no. Special Education (SPED) and the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) are not the same things. However, they both exist on the foundation of supporting all students in achieving success in education and in life. MTSS focuses on providing support to all students in a holistic framework, and SPED is how students with disabilities receive specialized support.

MTSS helps provid

The First 100 Days of MTSS Guide

A continuous and robust MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) framework is an evidence-based solution to support the whole student, create a positive school culture, increase the effectiveness of core instruction, and proactively deliver targeted, evidence-based interventions. But this framework does not just come into existence overnight.

A system of MTSS requires adequate planning, resources, and a continuous data collection cycle to ensure this system is being used effectively to maximize i

The MTSS Toolkit for Teachers for the ‘22-’23 School Year

School is just around the corner and planning for next year has already started. This year, your school may be introducing a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) to better support all students. If you’re unfamiliar with MTSS, this new framework can at first appear daunting.

Even if you are familiar with MTSS, you might be looking for ways to restructure your MTSS practice to be more aligned with best practices and research. We’ve compiled together a list of our top resources for classroom tea

Unleashing Classroom Potential with Edulastic's Live Class Board Feature

In today’s data-driven educational landscape, tools that enable real-time student progress monitoring and foster a culture of data awareness are more than just beneficial — they’re essential.

Edulastic’s Live Class Board is a feature that offers educators a panoramic view of their class’s performance during live tests or assignments. This feature provides a real-time, complete picture of student achievement, allowing for active, automated data analysis and proactive feedback and redirection fro

Building effective tutoring practices through TutorMe’s logic model and RAISE Approach

Through TutorMe, students have access to personalized support from qualified tutors, whenever and wherever they need it. The power of our platform is centered on human connection, where every student receives the 1:1 support of a tutor dedicated to encouraging and engaging a student on their individual learning journey.

We understand the strength of our platform is directly tied to our understanding and application of the learning science behind what makes for an excellent tutoring session.


Successfully implementing TutorMe’s Writing Lab with the Writing Guide

Introducing TutorMe's Writing Guide - our ready-to-use resource for educators looking to implement 1:1 writing support in their classroom through the TutorMe Writing Lab. In this blog, we break down how to successfully submit writing assignments to the Writing Lab and how to support successful adoption by your students with the support of the editable Writing Guide.

Writing is a fundamental skill for every student. However, it also poses one of the most time-intensive challenges for teachers. E

Empowering K-12 Schools Through Data Readiness with Edulastic’s Data Guide

Data can reshape the core of decision-making in K-12 education, promising a path to more personalized learning and smarter resource allocation. However, navigating this data-driven environment can be a daunting task.

How can schools ensure they are data-ready and bolster educators across all tiers to comprehend and employ data effectively?

To answer this question and provide resources to help schools on their journey to data readiness, we created Edulastic’s data guide, “Empowering K-12 School

Everything You Need to Know About Video Quiz and AI Integration in Edulastic

With the introduction of Video Quiz and AI-powered tools in Edulastic, educators are provided with a toolbox brimming with innovative solutions to foster dynamic classroom interactions.

To help you get started on your AI journey with Edulastic, we’re answering some of our most frequently asked questions about Video Quiz and AI, explaining their functionalities, and offering insights into how these tools can redefine teaching and learning.

Dive in and discover how you can make the most of these

Harness the Power of AI with Edulastic's Question Generator and Assisted Rubric

At Edulastic, our mission has always been to empower teachers with innovative tools that enhance the education experience for every student. We believe in the transformative power of learning, and we’re thrilled to unveil two brand-new features that leverage generative AI to augment and accelerate teachers’ current administrative workflows for building and grading assessments: Question Generator and Assisted Rubrics.

We understand crafting assessments that align with state standards while consi

10 strategies for incorporating on-demand tutoring in the classroom

There’s a certain kind of excitement that fills the air at the start of a new year. From learning new rosters to launching a new semester of classes, the new year is an exciting time for educators and students alike.

As educators strive to create structures and routines that are evidence-based in increasing student achievement, they need resources that will support instruction and learning in and outside of the classroom. On-demand tutoring is a key component for supporting differentiated learn

Using a Procurement Rubric for Effective EdTech Selection and Data Interoperability

In a world where education and technology are increasingly intertwined, it is vital to ensure your district’s data readiness and interoperability continue going forward. One of the most effective strategies for this is standardizing your edtech procurement process. But how can you determine what to look for in software that parses and stores school data? Do you have a standard purchasing protocol for edtech? Do your edtech vendors understand your district’s goals?

One way to solidify your effor